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    Bonadieu 2000: A reunion with class

Where are we now?

Haven't finished this page yet. It will hold current pix, short bios, addresses and e-mail contacts and Web sites of ex-staffers. I winged it for the couple I was reasonably sure about, but please send more info on yourselves -- jz.

Cindy Carr Whitcomb '82

Barb Jatkola '79

Kathy Martin '78
Flying the friendly skies of United in the pilot's seat of 727s -- from mass comm to mass transit.

Katie Sequerth Meyer '80

John Sequerth '77
Helping UPS excel at delivering boxes of yearbooks.

Mike Thompson '80
Mike has been all over the map since 1980. California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Hampshire again, Rhode Island, Maryland, and, lastly, Washington, D.C., since 1998. He's happily settled in DC with his partner, Ralph.

And don't ask about jobs and/or careers -- editing, social work, political activism...geeessh, too many to list--but life has a way of coming full circle. In 2000, Mike came out of his self-imposed exile from editing; he's been busily working for himself as a freelancer and is very happy with his decision.

Jean Trevarton Ehman
Oh-leen, NY
Jean, who shared her freshman year with some of us, finally broke John Sequerth's record for number of years on campus. Now nearing the quarter-century mark with the university, she has advanced from teaching journalism courses to work involving student counseling and career development. Her husband, John, is maintenance director at the university.

Lou Waryncia '81

yawdoszyn familyhMark Yawdoszyn '80>
Somewhere in New Jersey

Mark and his wife, Janice, who works in magazine publishing, are the proud parents of Adam..

pawlak familyJerome Pawlak '81
Albion, NY

Jerome married his longtime sweetheart, Teresa, and is owner/manager of the family's Bells Food Center in Albion. They have three sons: Rion, Joseph and Kevin.

john z and marsha huntJohn Zavinski '80 //

279 Wick Ave., Hermitage, Pa. 16148

DevJohn is director of graphics and technology at The Herald, Sharon, Pa. He runs the paper's Web operations and is systems editor for its pagination system. In his 20 years at the paper, he has been a reporter, copyeditor, graphics editor and page-one designer. He redesiged the paper twice (getting it right the 2nd time).

dev's phone listingHe has been dating Marsha Hunt, a second-grade teacher, for a whopping 17 years. His cat, Devereux, has his own phone listing and e-mail (

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