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    Bonadieu 2000: A reunion with class
  colophon cropped dev sunburst photo

"Bonadieu 2000: A reunion with class" starred staff members from the yearbooks of 1977-83. It was based on an original idea by Barb Jatkola '79.

The documentary Web site was written, produced, directed, photographed and eventually finished by John Zavinski '80, who thanks the Bonadieu staffs of 1997-2000 for deadline inspiration (this may still be the first publication of any kind to be finished that has "Bonadieu" and "2000" in its name).

He also thanks the 1977-80 staffs for teaching, by example, more about quality design and photo editing than anyone could imagine. This Web site is an example of how these skills are used today.

It was filmed on location June 1-4, 2000 at St. Bonaventure University and in and around Allegany and Olean, N.Y., during the annual St. Bonaventure alumni reunion weekend. No animals or basketball players were harmed during the production, though we did kill a few six packs .

proportion wheel The Web site was created on a Macintosh Powerbook G3 Series (Wall Street). Scanning was done using a LaCie Silverscanner III. Page html was written in part with Macromedia Dreamweaver v2 but mostly using hand-hacked html (it's the only way to fly). Other software used used for images and logos included Adobe Photoshop v3.0, Macromedia Fireworks v2 and Photoshop filters from Alien Skin. Hangin' Out picture pages were designed in QuarkXpress 3.31, then rebuilt in html tables using Dreamweaver.

More than 500 megabytes of raw scans and work files were distilled into the finished Web site, which measures about 2.5 MB. Some images are bigger and some pages slower-loading than they would be on a commercial site, but it's a trade-off for quality and content and takes into account the audience's interest in the material.

Headlines and logos were set electronically in Rockwell ExtraBold (Adobe) and Baskerville BE Medium Italic (Monotype). Body type throughout was, well, whatever the hell your browser feels like showing you, although the html code suggests sans-serif fonts. Gosh, I hate the ambiguity of online design after two decades of working with ink on paper.

Images were culled from five rolls of color negative film and one roll of Tri-X, (shot for old-times' sake) and from the JZ archives. All photos and images by JZ unless noted. Color processing was by Rite Aid, black-and-white by the criminally-underused JZ basement darkroom.

Photography equipment used included a Pentax Z-XM (with a working light meter for a change) and lenses and flash equipment some of which dates back to the Carter and Reagan administrations.

Dev the Wonder Cat Web site hosting was courtesy of, the domain in search of a purpose. At this writing the domain lives within, which is the stealth identity of The Herald, Sharon, Pa., using the facilities of, somewhere in Florida.

Support and encouragement came from Devereux the Wonder Cat and Straub beer.

It was a blast. Let's do it again.

nametag John Zavinski
February 2001

Photo credits
John Zavinski: 1a, b, c; 2a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n; 3a, b, c, d; 4a, b, c, d, e, f; 5a, b, c, e, f; 6a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h; 7a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i; 8a, b, c, d, e; 9 a, b... oh, never mind.
A note on the Dev quad BW shot above:
   I couldn't figure out why no photographer had every stumbled onto the Dev-arch/sunburst view. Then it occurred to me that it was taken at high noon in June: We never saw that angle during the school year because the sun was always several degrees farther south.

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